Encore Events caters to YOU, customizing YOUR event for YOU!

We take pride in tailoring the menu for your special occasion based upon your tastes, likes, favorite foods, theme of the event itself, and of course, your budget (we request a minimum count of twenty guests).

We have an extensive list of ‘customer-approved’ menu selections from simple to sublime … delectable appetizers, full-course meals to delightful desserts pleasing any palate … our menus, your choices!

From dawn to dusk, we are cooking up delicious dishes for your next catered affair, be it continental breakfasts, hungry man breakfasts, mid-morning snacks, luncheon buffets, boxed lunches, afternoon teas, reception hors d’oeuvres, buffet dinners, dessert parties.

Encore Events will help you plan your occasion from concept until your last guest departs.  Our staff will attend to your every need including special dietary requests.  Let us do all the work so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the time with guests.

Scrumptious dishes


Stilton & Walnut Tartlets
(The British are coming, the British are coming! English Stilton and English Walnuts are a perfect pairing even for Paul Revere.)

Ricotta filled Figs with Honey & Pistachios
(Eve would be envious, our figs are dressed!)

Spinach, Feta & Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
(This unpretentious gem has wonderful flavor whether in a tartlet or with crackers.)

Baked Vidalia Onion Spread
(Did you know, Vidalia onions can only be grown in Vidalia, Georgia by law. We team them with extra sharp cheddar to make it pop.)

Marinated Asparagus Spears with Chopped Pecans
(We went to the Biltmore in N. Carolina for this wholesome southern take on the king of spears.)


Saffron & Mussel Soup
(Ancient saffron infuses with sherry and cream to enhance the flavor of these mollusk gems.)

(On sultry summer days, a cooling chilled cup of this tomato based vegetable favorite is perfect.)

Roasted Red Pepper
(This is an elegantly simple divine soup with a smoky hint.)

Scotch Broth
(One doesn’t need to speak with a burr to savor this lamb and barley regional soup of Scotland.)

Jamaican Black Bean Soup
(Bob Marley has nothing on us, our soup has all the elements of Kingston including a touch of lime.)


Hearts of Palm & Avocado
(From the peach palm trees, this salad is sophisticated and a perfect luncheon match with creamy soups.)

Chinese Chicken
(Cellophane rice noodles are the key to this crowd pleaser.)

(Our twist on this classic salad is the addition of Swiss cheese and almonds.) 

(Filled with that Tex-Mex zip, this one is loaded and topped with Chipotle dressing.)

(Now that’s Italian! Picture an antipasto platter then picture it with romaine and red leaf lettuces, pronto, antipasto insalata.)

A feast for the eye and palate


(All that’s needed is a loaf of crusty bread and a bottle of red wine.)

Irish Stew
(What potato famine? You’ll have the luck of the Irish with this hearty meat and potato stew with a touch of Guinness and a side of soda bread.)

Chile Verde
(Arriba, Arriba! Our version includes tomatillos and the perfect touch of heat.)

Catalan Cod
(Click your castanets and dance the flamenco. This dish has both tomatoes and potatoes inspired by Spanish fisherman.)

File Gumbo Ya Ya
(If it ain’t from New Orleans, it ain’t gumbo!)

Tarragon Chicken
(One of our most requested dishes; it pairs well with dilled carrots and wild rice medley.)


Noodles Romanoff
(Not only Faberge Eggs are Russian.  This Romanoff is complete with sour cream and pecorino Romano.)

Haricot Verts with Almonds
(A rose is a rose they say but green beans aren’t green beans if they are French.)

Swiss Chard
(Popeye can eat his spinach but we eat chard, equally nutritious and delicious.)

Braised Fennel
(Pinocchio Finocchio, this wonderful Italian vegetable comes a long way with no long nose!)

Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin
(This classic side pairs beautifully with beef tenderloin or baked ham.)


Apricot & Toasted Almond Bars with Amaretto
(Cultivated in China over 2000 years ago and said to be fruit from the Gods, we found a perfect recipe for these little golden globes.)

Chocolate Frosted Chocolate Espresso Bars
(Wake up all you chocoholics, we have your fix.  What could be better than chocolate, dark chocolate and espresso coffee?)

Coconut Lemon Bars
(An old fashion standby.  No sourpusses here.  We add just the right touch of sugar to keep you smiling and why our bars are frequently requested.)

Mango Fools
(We’re no fools.  Fools go way back in time as homemakers would blend fresh fruits and cream for families. Try our mango twist on this old tradition.)

Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce
(This is always popular especially during the holiday season.  Ours is filled with pecans and raisins and is very rich, yummy!)


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